Our Straw tiles are contemporary reinventions of a classical marquetry technique, transforming an ancient craft to fulfill modern artisanal tastes.

This labour of love begins when each Straw stalk is carefully opened, flattened, and trimmed in preparation for arrangement into intricate designs and patterns. Each Straw piece is then positioned into elaborate configurations, balancing and contrasting one another in smooth gradations of tone and texture. Once finalized, they are delicately pasted onto natural cork tiles, ready for use in exclusive wall finishes.

We also offer personalized furniture and objects finished in our distinctive Straw Marquetry, expressing your dreams to utmost perfection and sophistication.

At The Straw Studio, we believe that light should penetrate all corners of life. Intrinsic vitality, exquisite simplicity, and enduring radiance. What more could be asked of Straw, that wholesome and fundamental luxury of nature? Where else will you find such “living gold?”


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What is the material?

The majority of our straw is cultivated in France from growers who have worked with the material for generations. The result is a unique combination of climate, soil, and craftmenship in the form of a strand of straw.

+ How is Straw Marquetry done?

Each Straw stalk is dried, bleached, and tinted in preparation for use in our elaborate designs. The marquetry is done entirely by hand: each stalk is sliced open, flattened, trimmed, and glued down onto the background to form distinctive patterns. Each of our tiles requires many hours of dedicated attention, and each one is signed and numbered.

+ How durable is straw?

The Straw is a delicate but durable material. It should be treated with attention and respect, like you would do for antique furniture. The Straw is sensitive to shocks and impact. To protect its coloring, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and, where possible, use drapes and other systems to protect the finish from excessive light.

+ How is the Straw Marquetry finished?

Our Straw Marquetry is sealed with a coat of natural tung oil, bringing a special sheen and extra durability. Lightly wax the surface to renew the finish.

+ How do I use the Straw tiles?

Our tiles are an easy and convenient way to decorate in Straw Marquetry. To calculate the number of tiles you need, simply divide your wall or panel into square foot units starting from the center. For the rows along the corners, you may have to use half tiles or trim them to the exact dimensions.

+ Where can I use the Straw Marquetry?

The Straw is the perfect addition for any space where you want to enhance light and vibrancy. It can be a panel, a wall, or an entire room. It is perfect for a bedroom, a study, or a meditation room. It can be used as well in bathrooms or powder rooms, as long as you avoid direct contact with water. We do not recommend outside use.

+ How are the Straw tiles installed?

The Straw tiles are easy to install, as outlined in our installation guide. The tiles are pasted onto the surface using cement glue. If you would like the possibility of removing the tiles, we recommend gluing over a layer of our adhesive fabric template. The installation can be done by any experienced craftsmen, wallpaper installer, or carpenter. We can also bring in our team to ensure that you will have the best results.

+ How do I place an order?

Once you have decided your color palette, we recommend that you order a sample so you have a precise color reference. If you need, we can create the layout for the project to determine how many tiles you will need.

+ How long will my order take?

The Straw Marquetry is a work of patience, but we will ensure to have your order ready in a timely manner. It takes two weeks for samples, two months for an order up to 100 straw tiles, and three months for orders between 100 and 300 tiles. For larger orders we give a detailed schedule upon request.

+ What are the payment conditions?

All orders are custom made and a non-refundable payment in full is required. Special payment conditions are available through the membership program.

+ How are the Straw tiles shipped?

The Straw tiles are packaged by boxes of five. We ship locally and internationally and shipments are trackable and insured. Shipping costs and custom taxes vary depending on the destination.

+ What are the benefits of Straw Marquetry?

The radiance of the material brings a special luminosity to any space. Once your panel or wall is installed you will notice a subtle difference in the quality of the sound thanks to the acoustic properties of the cork. Beyond its visual impact, natural Straw brings a comforting feeling of peace and a direct reflection of the nurturing power of nature right into your home or office.