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The Material

Our creations are made with natural rye Straw that is grown and harvested for this specific use. The majority of our straw is cultivated in France from growers who have worked with the material for generations. The result is a unique combination of climate, soil, and craftmenship in the form of a strand of straw. After harvest, it is dried and then dyed. The straw is a natural light yellow but can be tinted with dye to provide a myriad of colors. At the studio we begin the process of opening and flattening the straw to prepare it for the next project. 



Straw has been in use throughout human civilization. Cereal grains have been the cornerstone of our modern societies, weaving straw into our very history that continues to this day.  Its versatility allows for diverse application, from practical to artisanal. Its uses include wall insulation, animal bedding, furniture and marquetry. Straw is the most humble and mundane material, yet capable of reinventing itself again and again.

 The Straw Marquetry unravels another dimension of the Straw, a noble quality, the shimmering chatoyance of light. This practice first appeared during the 17th century. After many years it began to disappear until the beginning of the 20th century, when the famous designer Jean-Michel Frank appropriated this method in his design, creating entire walls out of Straw Marquetry.


Paulin Paris


Born and raised in France, Paulin Paris is an artist and entrepreneur. Growing up, he would spend his summers at his parents’ country house. It is during that time that Paulin realized the importance of cereal agriculture not only in France, but throughout world history. Nature gives us what we need to thrive and to continue developing our societies. In a world of globalization and technology, Straw is bringing a new approach in symbiosis with nature. This unique finish offers a perfect way to merge a luxury product with the natural world, creating something good for you and for the environment.