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The Straw Wall

Nature is beautiful in its original state, which is why we use straw to create natural and sustainable luxury wall finishes. The Straw & Design Co. was founded by Paulin Paris, a Franco-American from a family of artists and designers. His grandfather was the founder of the Bagues Company in France. Drawing from his French roots, Paris’ designs are a contemporary reinvention of a classical French marquetry technique that transforms an ancient craft to fulfill modern tastes. We are the first to introduce this technique to the West Coast. The Straw & Design Co. functions as a streamlined process from presentation and drawings to samples and installation. Our dedication reveals itself in custom designed, handmade pieces. Every project is a work of art.


1) Design

The first step is to create a unique design that considers the dimensions of your wall. We will help you choose from an array of tile patterns and straw colors to find the right combination to maximize your space.

Once the design and color palette has been chosen, we will present you with a 2D and 3D visual rendering so you can see how the Straw Wall will transform your space. Additionally, we will create a sample for you which will help with your decision making.


2) Fabrication

Once the color and pattern have been chosen, each tile is then made by hand following the steps of our Straw Marquetry Technique. This labour of love begins when each Straw stalk is carefully opened, flattened, and trimmed to arrange into intricate designs and patterns. Each Straw piece is then positioned and glued onto the tile, balancing and contrasting one another in smooth gradations of tone and texture.


3) Installation

Our unique installation process allows us to have the best result for longevity, exactitude and the possibility of removing the tiles if necessary.

Step 1) The wall is prepared with a prep-coat and lined with a cotton canvas.

Step 2) A paper template of the design with reference numbers and orientation is installed on the wall.

Step 3) Each Straw Tile is installed on the wall using a strong adhesive.


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